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Cyrtanthus elatus x montanus

Archive entry 30.08.15

8th September 2015

A curious hybrid that expends most of its effort on producing smaller bulbils. My original bulb has finally flowered, but none of the smaller ones seem to be increasing in size. The large rounded head of flowers closely resembles .
Graham Duncan wrote in Veld and Flora:

"Raised by Mr H. van Zijl and subsequently by the author, this is one of the finest hybrids I have yet seen. The large inflorescence has the colour of C. elatus but the shape of C. montanus. It is floriferous, longlasting and evergreen, requiring less water in winter. It reproduces rapidly by bulbils. The bulbs grow with about one third above ground. Flowering takes place in mid summer."


  • Duncan, G. - Cyrtanthus; its horticultural potential. Veld and Flora, September 1990.