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Cymbidium aloifolium

8th November 2009

There is a recklessness about Cymbidium that I find difficult to understand and quiet inescapable. When I was one I was just begun, when I was two etc etc (I'm sure you know it) but eventually you get to 14, and when I was fourteen I recklessly spent 5 on a Cymbidium seedling ('Oslo' x 'Berwick') at Selfridges Orchid show. At that time 5 was enough money to keep a 14 year old in weekly essentials for several months, and I had an orchid instead. Even at that age I had the sense to buy a miniature!
I no longer have it, Cymbidiums come and go, and after overdosing on FCC forms in my 20's, I moved on.
Seems I didn't move on as far as I thought. I have slowly acquired a few species as they have become available but I was still a bit shocked to find I had bought this pretty little warm growing species when I saw it for sale at an orchid show. A warm growing orchid. Just reckless!