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Cymbidium goeringii 'Chun Hui'

9th June 2020

It is probably self-delusion, but I think I have improved my cultivation of Cymbidium over the years to the point that it is worth spending a little cash to acquire plants I really want. I don't know what 'Chun Hui' will do in flower, I just wanted a Cymbidium goeringii form to try in the new regime and was prepared to spend 25 pounds with the lovely people at Spicesotic Plants to that end.
It may be the latest triumph of vanity over experience, I have been killing Cymbidium since I bought my first plant (Cymbidium (Oslo x Berwick) ) from Burnham Nurseries (5 pounds) in 1974 at the Selfridges Orchid Show - those were the days! (It survived until about 1980, flowered occasionally).