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Dendrobium kingianum 'Album'

1st May 2011

I have grown the typical form of the species for a few years now (I bought it at an RHS Orchid show in 1977 but who's counting) and I have to admit to growing it rather badly. The situation has been going on for so long that I had stopped trying, and just accepted that I was doing a rather feeble job. For no good reason I woke up one morning and realised that I was being pathetic about it and that I should either do a better job or accept that I couldn't do it without a heated greenhouse. As a consequence I started putting them out in the cold greenhouse for the summer and bringing them into the house in winter. The upshot of it all is that they are doing much better.
Last year I started to see a few colour variations about the place and this pretty white form was irresistible at the RHS Orchid show this year. Hopefully it will be as tolerant as the typical one.

13th May 2012

11th May 2017

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