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Dendrobium moniliforme 'Raizan'

Archive entry 25.04.10

8th November 2009

I have been wanting to try Dendrobium moniliforme for several years, and not been able to locate a plant. It is a Japanese species with a great many selected cultivars in that country, but they have been slow to reach Europe. I found this one for sale at an Orchid show and will now struggle to find satisfactory growing conditions. It is said to be on the borderline of hardy (much hardier than D.kingianum which survives in a frost free greenhouse here) but I am keeping it rather warmer this year. This cultivar is said to have pink flowers.

25th April 2010

These are the promised pink flowers, I am amazed it managed to produce them because it has struggled through the winter. With luck it will respond better once I stop taking so much care of it and start treating it like D.kingianum.