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Dianella 'Silver Steak'

14th March 2013

A bold variegated Dianella, it is unclear whether it is a hybrid or a form of D.tasmanica. In the USA it is listed as hardy to zone 8 which suggests it is going to be damaged or killed here. The last few winters have demonstrated that it isn't likely to succeed outside though it has just about survived in the greenhouse. It regrows quickly once the warm weather arrives but eventually it will be damaged beyond repair.

3rd April 2014

Once again I have underestimated the tolerance of a Dianella. This one has grown stronger rather than sliding backwards.

22nd July 2015

The pale flowers are uninteresting and I haven't had berries yet. The species has been an open question for some time but it is commonly thought to be a hybrid and it seems to be sterile.

2nd December 2017