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Disporopsis 'Min Shan'

17th June 2012

It is probable that the world is populated by people who are not worried by their inability to adequately distinguish the species of Disporopis and I am left a little insecure by their calm demeanour.
Possibly (though I can scarcely believe it) the world is populated by people who couldn't give a fig. Alternatively (and this is the bit that leaves me insecure) everyone else can distinguish them, and I am an idiot who should know better than to expose my ignorance in public.
I get some crumbs of comfort from the introduction of plants such as 'Min Shan' which proclaims that it comes from Min Shan but declines to offer a species identity. Perhaps I am not entirely alone. Disporopsis are confusing!
I have had it since 2010. At the time I thought that flowers would help identify it.