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Dionaea muscipula

2nd September 2007

The Venus Fly Trap is an enchanting plant (once you get past the freaky stage). Vigorous and easy to grow, it is astonishingly collectable. Unfortunately, for many years there was only one form to collect, so people started to name every slight variation , and there are now dozens and dozens of names in circulation that refer to dozens and dozens of almost indistinguishable plants. In the last few years a number of varieties have appeared that are clearly distinct and interesting, so the mania for collection can be satisfied!
I have taken a lot of pictures of varieties in a number of peoples collections through the last year or so, and have included them for interest (even the pointless ones)!

30th April 2008

30th August 2008

4th February 2010

20th July 2015

As assortment of cultivars in flower together in the greenhouse.

23rd August 2018