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Disa aurata

Archive entry 08.06.08

29th June 2008

"8.6.08 - I was delighted to find this in flower this morning. A terrestrial South African species with small but perfectly formed yellow flowers. I was cheerfully lying in the bath this evening, looking back at the day and enjoying the orchids, when I was rather shocked to realise that I am growing orchids again , and there are probably a couple of dozen species about the place. Now, I last grew orchids before puberty, and I pretty much stopped when my testicles dropped and I found better things to do.
I was lying in the bath pondering this curious quirk of fate and wondering why I stopped chasing orchids once I started chasing people when a second bombshell hit me, and I realised that I have never met an attractive orchid grower, and that was why I shunned them at puberty! They vary from perfectly ordinary to dropped straight out of the ugly tree. I don't ever recall meeting an attractive one, and bugger it, I've joined them!"

6th July 2013