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Disa aurata

Archive entry 08.06.08
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29th June 2008

"8.6.08 - I was delighted to find this in flower this morning. A terrestrial South African species with small but perfectly formed yellow flowers. I was cheerfully lying in the bath this evening, looking back at the day and enjoying the orchids, when I was rather shocked to realise that I am growing orchids again , and there are probably a couple of dozen species about the place. Now, I last grew orchids before puberty, and I pretty much stopped when my testicles dropped and I found better things to do.
I was lying in the bath pondering this curious quirk of fate and wondering why I stopped chasing orchids once I started chasing people when a second bombshell hit me, and I realised that I have never met an attractive orchid grower, and that was why I shunned them at puberty! They vary from perfectly ordinary to dropped straight out of the ugly tree. I don't ever recall meeting an attractive one, and bugger it, I've joined them!"

6th July 2013

21st June 2017

Distinguished from Disa tripetaloides mostly by the yellow colour, although there are also differences in the flower shape. In South Africa it is an uncommon species found on the banks of perennial streams in a small area of the Western Cape in the Langeberg Mountains near Swellendam on the southern slopes between 5000 and 1000m altitude. In the SANBI Red List it is recorded as rare but of least concern.

3rd July 2020