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Disa bivalvata

Archive entry 12.12.10
Archive entry 25.06.17

20th April 2010

A winter growing species from the Cape where it grows from sea level to 2000m. I have been trying some of the less usual Disa species and I had hoped that this one might be a good prospect for a cold greenhouse. I was delighted to be able to buy some young plants in a flask and they weaned into compost without too many problems.

12th December 2010

Unfortunately December demonstrated that it isn't hardy (at least this one isn't). It is possible that seed from plants at high elevations might be better.

21st June 2017

I have been able to buy some more micropropagated plantlets and the recent (2015) 'Orchids of South Africa - a field guide' by Steve Johnson and Benny Bytebier gave some help with growing conditions.
"Widespead...on dry mountain slopes..." in the Western Cape. I have been trying to grow it far too wet. It looked healthier almost as soon as I moved it to the Alpine House and a flower spike developed and flowered. It has now become dormant and I am hoping that I will see it again next season!