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Disa bracteata

20th March 2011

This might look like a couple of seedlings growing in a flask but it is actually two seedlings obscured by my flooding tears. This is a very strange Disa species that has become a weed in parts of Australia which explains the common phrase "One man's weed is another man's inconsolable sobbing".
I grew it under my standard Disa conditions, but in the wild (and even in Australia) it favours disturbed ground and the sides of roads. It I get another chance to try, I might put it in a more conventional compost - it can't go any worse.

6th June 2017

I have clearly been trying to grow it far too wet. A new plant was moved to the Alpine House where the spike developed, turned from green to brown and then died. I was a little upset until more research revealed that it has tiny flowers nestled behind the bracts. It had developed and flowered normally, I just hadn't noticed the flowers.
I have sown the seed that was produced onto the pot surface and I am hoping I will see it again next year.

20th April 2017

I checked back through the pictures I had taken of its inconspicuous development and found this one which had a detail of the plant in full flower.
I am sometimes a little dismissive of the big red triangular Disa and I'm going to stop.
I also discovered that I had been visited by aphids!