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Disa Colette Cywes 'Peach Blush'

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7th June 2009

Disa uniflora x Disa Unilangley.
Grex raised by C. and M. Cywes and registered in 1986.
A very lovely pale pink form I was given last autumn. Originally bred in South Africa.

17th June 2010

Disa racemosa and Disa tripetaloides are first hybridised to get Disa Langleyensis. That is crossed with Disa uniflora to get the hybrid D. Unilangley which is crossed again with D.uniflora to get D. Colette Cywes.
'Peach Blush' is a very pale selection of the hybrid that has retained the pale colour of D.tripetaloides.
I think this one is a shade darker and more orange than 'Blush', but they could still be the same thing.

21st June 2017

7th June 2019