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Disa (Glasgow Orchid Conference x (Unifoam x Unifoam))

Seed Parent
Pollen Parent
Disa (Unifoam x Unifoam 'Majestic')
Disa Glasgow Orchid Conference 'Orange Glow'

22nd October 2018

Disa (Glasgow Orchid Conference x (Unifoam x Unifoam 'Majestic').
I was probably raising the hybrid in the hope of getting large flowered orange hybrids, however I expect that I was also looking for an excuse to use my own (Unifoam x Unifoam) seedlings.
The plant produced a good pod, filled with seed.

1st February 2019

19th December 2019

The seed germinated well and I got a lot of seedlings.

31st December 2020