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Disa (Trata x Watsonii)

Archive entry 19.07.20

Seed Parent
Pollen Parent
Disa Trata best yellow
Disa Watsonii 'Candy'

I was looking for interesting colours in small flowered plants with upright stems when I made the hybrid.
I used the yellowest of my own D. Trata seedlings so that I had a good possibility of yellowish colours along the way.
The actual hybrid is D. Trata (yellowest) x D. Watsonii 'Candy'.

20th July 2017

Clone 1.
I was very pleased with the colour and the pink veining in this seedling.

29th June 2017

Clone 1.
A pink flowered seedling. I have kept it for the moment while I see what the final range of variation is.