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Disa (Unifoam x Unifoam)

Seed Parent
Pollen Parent
Disa Unifoam
Disa Unifoam 'Majestic'

Another one where I wanted to try and see what happened in the F2 generation.
Disa Unifoam x Disa Unifoam 'Majestic'.

16th July 2016

This is a shot of the group, all more or les the same and unsurprisingly they are all scarlet.
I have kept three of them so far.

13th July 2017

Clone 1.

20th July 2017

Clone 2.
Selected in the first place because of the variation in shade across the flower.

13th July 2017

Clone 2.
It was only a week after I selected it that I realised the older flowers were fading rapidly to a pale colour that was unique in the group.

13th July 2017

Clone 3.
I wanted to keep three of the seedlings and I spent some time looking for the least like the others. This was my final choice. There are still a number to flower, so I may keep some more if they are distinctive enough.

3rd August 2019