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Dodecatheon pulchellum

1st May 2016

Dodecatheon is genus from North America that grow during a moist spring and then become dormant through the dry summer and autumn. Easily raised from seed and readily available in the UK, they are not generally successful for long in the open garden in Cornwall where a dry dormant period is unlikely.
Dodecatheon pulchellum is the species usually seen, though plants in general cultivation are a mix of strains and occasional hybrids.
I want to like them, and I want them to like me, it's the tragic dance of insecurity played out in the garden. It never quite works out. I have repeatedly turned my back and walked away muttering dark ideas about North American plants. This one came into the garden because I am doing some trials on hydroponic alpine plants and I haven't killed it yet.
Unfortunately I have been here before, they live for a year or two and then they are gone. I didn't feed it well enough this year, so it is a bit feeble. I have learned a lesson and am prepared to give it another go.
Relationships aren't always like that so we shall see.

4th May 2017