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Drimia mzimvubuensis

26th May 2014

A very curious little bulb from South Africa, its taxonomic position is under review. After a short association with Sagittanthera the new genus Aulostemon has been created to include it - I am sticking with Drimia for the moment, more out of laziness than and strong feelings on the matter. I got it from a succulent sale where it was being treated like a Lithops, and looked just like one.
In fact the above ground part is the bulb which is made up of a few short fat obovoid bulb scales. In habitat in the Eastern Cape Province it forms small clumps of bulbs on sheer south facing cliffs. I am promised stems of long lasting white flowers in spring.

30th June 2016

I keep it quite dry and it has been very simple and completely uneventful. I think the bulb has swollen and shrunk a little with the changing season but that has been the sum of the excitement. Finally in summer this year it produced a few grassy leaves. It is strangely enchanting.

17th July 2018

Once I started to poay less heed to the advice to keep it dry, it has started to grow more strongly and produced this flower spike.