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Drimys lanceolata 'Suzette'

10th March 2009

A very pretty (I know, its not to everyones taste) variegated form of the species. I have planted it where it will eventually replace a section of the windbreak around the garden, if it is tall and strong enough. Named after Suzette Vernon of the Bluebell Arboretum and Nursery in Derbyshire.

21st November 2010

The species is a large shrubby plant from Tasmania and seems to be reliably hardy in gardens locally but this varuiegated form was a step too far. In November 2010 it was still looking good, but shortly after we had a bout of serious freezing weather that continued with only short gaps, until March. I spent the summer on 2011 convincing myself that it might sprout from one of the defoliated stems but it didn't happen.
During the winter of 2011-12 I needed a space to plant a potted Araucaria angustifolia so out came the dead Drimys. I will probably try again, because I like it, but I will look for a sheltered corner this time.