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Drosera adelae

I have only ever been able to grow this in pure sphagnum moss, though I once saw it growing on a kitchen windowsill in what looked like orchid bark. I also grew it under a propagator top, to keep the humidity high, and lightly shaded. From Queensland, Australia.

Under good conditions, it grows vigorously and propagates easily from the roots.

13th September 2007

This year I have been a little less precious with it, and it has responded by flowering, though it looks far less lush and "Queenslandic" than it does with more humidity and shade.

4th September 2007

12th July 2008

Not my plant, which is vigorous but not this vigorous! This is the plant growing at Kew this summer.

16th August 2009

It was seriously damaged by the winter temperatures, but it has regrown strongly.