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Entelea arborescens

Archive entry 01.05.11

13th September 2009

A seedling given to me by a friend. Spectacular foliage though it is probably too tender to survive the winter here without protection. At present it is in the conservatory.
A fast growing lowland tree from New Zealand, it is easily grown from seed so it is worth a trial. There is an established plant growing in a garden on the coast to the south of me which is occasionally cut back by frost but recovers well.

1st May 2011

Winter in the conservatory and summer in the greenhouse seems to be suiting it. Flowers this year were pleasant (I have never seen them before) and show that it is a member of the Mallow family. Although it comes from New Zealand, it seems to be palatable to British caterpillars. There is a limit to the size it can be allowed to reach in a pot but it has set seed and is easy to raise.

24th May 2016

I planted it out in the Agave house (my solution to many temporary problems). It has grown and been cut back repeatedly. It I had a suitable place outside it would be moved again but at present no suitable space has been found.

27th February 2018

The "Beast from the East" event hit it hard, showing that it wouldn't stand much chance outside here. The first week of the freeze destroyed the leaves, but the freeze lasted for more than two weeks and the plant didn't recover.