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Epimedium lishihchenii

22nd April 2007

Collected in Jiangsi in eastern China in 1996, and close to E.membranaceum, a large yellow flowered species that is only slowly spreading through cultivation.
It had previously been collected on the NACPEC (North American China Plant Exploration Consortium) expedition to Hubei province in Septermber/October 1994. The story of the expeditions collections (available on the Arnold Arboretum website) notes for September 21st:

"As on much of Wudang Shan, the forest floor was carpeted with a bewildering array of ferns and herbaceous perennials, including species of Aconitum, Ligularia, and Cimicifuga, all in flower. Jack-in-the-pulpits (Arisaema) were everywhere, their stalks heavy with seed, along with unidentified species of Epimedium and Rodgersia."

26th April 2008

23rd April 2009


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