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Epimedium pubigerum

Archive entry 27.04.08

28th April 2006

This was my first attempt to get E.pubigerum, which I first grew in my teens, and had been unable to get hold of for years. It should be white flowered, speckled with little pink dots. It should not be E.diphyllum (which is what I think this is).

30th April 2007

Quite by chance I was wandering round a new nursery,laughing quietly to myself at all the bright shiny new plants they had bought in from a wholesaler - not a single home produced plant in the place - and wondering why they had gone to all the trouble of building an entire nursery when they could have done the same job off the back of a market stall, cut the overheads dramatically, and probably achieve a better turnover. And as I sat smugly musing, I almost tripped over plants of the genuine E.pubigerum and was so happy I switched from worldly wise smug git to inane idiot in a heartbeat. Life, eh!

15th April 2007

It is a wonderful little plant from the Caucasus. Often listed as introduced by Ellen Willmott in 1881 from the Caucasus, she actually got it from a garden in Geneva. I have looked round her old garden with care, and I don't think it is still there.
One of the parents of E. x cantabridgiense and also of E. 'Black Sea', but not commonly grown in gardens nowadays, where it has been displaced by the modern flood of Chinese species.

26th April 2008

15th February 2017

14th April 2009