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Epimedium rhizomatosum

30th May 2005

A large flowered species from Sichuan Province, and described in 1998. Close to E.membranaceum, the large flowers have the narrow sepals and long petal spurs pressed close together like a single structure, and the petal lamina reduced to insignificance, so the whole thing is just four long curved horns.

7th June 2006

I have two clones of the species. This one is slightly paler and has less extravagantly horned flowers.

6th May 2007

This is the second clone of the species that I grow. Collected by Mikinori Ogisu under the number OG 92114, it is deeper yellow and oozes like exotic glassware or something that fell out of a lava lamp.

8th June 2008

31st May 2009

18th July 2014


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