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Epimedium x setosum Sasaki Group

Archive entry 02.12.12

30th April 2007

A Japanese name for the hybrids between E.sempervirens(red forms) and E. x setosum (diphyllum x sempervirens). A variable hybrid. Technically, I think these should all be included in E.x setosum.
Fortunately, E.sempervirens has been separated from E.grandiflorum, or we would have to call the whole lot E. x youngianum.

15th April 2007

This plant is fairly typical of the range of seedlings that are available.

26th April 2008

From the same source, I also have this plant, which could easily be 'Sasaki', but could just as easily be a form of E.x youngianum.

26th April 2008

The second form produces this red autumn colour and is completely deciduous.

12th April 2009

15th October 2014


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