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Epimedium x perralchicum

Plants of the parent species, E.perralderianum and E.pinnatum colchicum, growing together at the RHS gardens at Wisley, had grown into a carpet of mixed forms. William Stearn identified them as hybrids, and named it E.x perralchicum in 1934. There are a number of named clones in circulation - I keep this one distinct on this page just because I have forgotten which one it is! (It is probably 'Wisley', but I have had it wandering around the garden here for 25 years, and it came from my previous garden, and before that from Bressingham Gardens, there's not much point in trying to remember the details from this distance - I can't even remember what I had for tea.)

21st April 2006

17th March 2007

8th March 2007

2nd April 2009

24th April 2011

9th March 2019


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