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Epimedium x versicolor 'Sulphureum'

Archive entry 24.02.13

4th April 2006

E.pinnatum colchicum x E.grandiflorum.
Raised by A.Donckelaar in Ghent, and named in 1849. More yellow in the sepals than the later named 'Neosulphureum', it has up to nine leaflets on the flower stalk, and the spur on the petals is as long, or even longer than the sepal above it. All of these forms are excellent compact clump forming plants which flower freely.

7th May 2006

21st April 2006

8th April 2007

26th April 2008

6th April 2008

Just to keep the pot of chaos boiling, I also have this plant which I have grown for a couple of decades. It came originally from Macpennys in Bransgore and has less grey colour in the spur tips.

2nd April 2009

20th March 2013


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