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Eryngium x zabellii 'Neptunes Gold'

21st July 2016

A wonderful yellow leaved sea holly, who could resist the shimmering sapphires set in a bed of gold? Well, almost everybody who has seen it as far as I can tell. Most of the people who saw it in flower let out a little shriek and I don't think it was a mark of approval. I have done the best I can to keep it alive, it is growing in a raised tub of gravel to keep it dry and away from the most acrobatic of rabbits. It has flowered but it isn't happy. I didn't get seed and I am not expecting future displays to match this one, I think this was a little moment of wonder and perhaps part of the joy would be lost if it became a regular feature.
Discovered by Neil Alcock from Caernarfon as a chance seedling and distributed in 2016.

17th May 2018