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Eucalyptus gunnii

21st December 2006

I have three or four large Eucalyptus gunnii in the garden, and they seem to flower from July through to the new year. Unfortunately, the flowering stems are way too high for me to photograph, so I have to wait for a passing gale to bring some down for me!

20th July 2008

The trees themselves are rather mixed in with other trees, so in effect there is only one viewpoint in the garden where I can get a good look at one. It only looks as good as this when the sun shines directly on it, all of which is a way of saying that this is the only photo of the tree I am likely to have.

29th November 2009

27th September 2010

17th December 2014

The morning after the night before. A winter storm snapped the trunk of a large one which fell and hit two others that tumbled like dominoes. The result - a lot of heavy almost flame proof timber to remove. I still have one large one from the dozen or so I planted in the 1980's and a couple of the stumps are resprouting though I'm not sure I want them to.