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Euonymus japonicus 'Green Rocket'

28th April 2012

An upright growing form of a common evergreen species. I liked the shape of a young plant in a pot and it has maintained the fastigiate habit in its first year. I imagine it will fill out and become less distinctive as it matures.

1st March 2018

In the complex world of cultivar naming it is not surprising that the origin of this plant is uncertain. In 1978 John Creech, Fred Meyer and Sylvester March fom the US National Arboretum visited Japan. They found a cultivar of Euonymus japonicus in cultivation called 'Benkomasaki'. It was propagated and introduced to the trade in the USA as GREEN SPIRE.
'Green Rocket' is often listed as a synonym for GREEN SPIRE however both names have been registered as cultivars and to my eye (based on internet pictures and my own plant) 'Green Rocket' is a larger plant with larger leaves and looser growth. I will consider the matter for a while longer.