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Euphorbia canariensis

8th September 2015

A Canary Island endemic which occurs from sea level up to about 1100m in the mountains.
I was given a young plant a couple of years ago and it has grown well, to the point that is now growing in a bucket and branching freely from the base. It's a beautiful thing when mature but it is going to be difficult to house as it gets older.

2nd December 2017

Up to this point I have been carrying it in and out of the greenhouse every winter. It spents the darkest months of the year in the spare bedroon yearning for sunnier climes. I had promised myself that this would be the last year it got moved but with the cold weather moving in I am thinking of saving it one more time. I shouldn't really grow tender things (wishful thinking aside, it is tender), the better they become the more trouble they cause.
Still in the bucket. Reports from habitat say it can grow from 1 - 4m tall. No point hoping for the dwarfer end of the scale, it has already exceeded that.
On the plus side, it is drought tolerant so can probably stay in the bucket until it's too big to balance itself.

11th January 2018

I moved it into the Agave house, unfortunately this was the year of the 'Beast from the East' and a lot of borderline plants up there were killed, this Euphorbia among them. I had a cutting rooting but it developed a rot and couldn't be saved.