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Euphorbia (cyparissias x stygiana)

28th August 2015

An extremely unlikely and unexpected hybrid from Mark Fillan (he is confident of the parentage). Like finding a nest of elephants had set up home in your kitchen cupboards. It has only made leaves for me so far, but large sprays of them that make a decent foliage statement. It runs like a pair of muscular buttocks with a gold medal in sight.
As I understand things, it hasn't been very popular with the market. It is astonishing, what is wrong with people? Just because it is a little unruly around the edges. Are people really so insecure that they feel threatened unless they have complete control of their vegetables. It's like a small child building a barrier of mashed potato across their dinner plate to keep the sprouts from touching anything.
I despair, but then there's hot chocolate and I forgive almost anything.

15th February 2017