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Fabiana foliosa 'Cliftonville Limelight'

14th September 2013

I have grown the shrubby Fabiana imbricata on and off over the years . The garden is too shady for it to prosper now so I don't currently have a specimen, but when I saw Fabiana foliosa for sale I wanted to give it a try. It has the advantage that it is a very small growing shrublet from southern Argentina reaching about 30cm tall if it tries hard.
'Cliftonville Limelight' is a selection with green tinged yellow flowers raised by Martin and Anna Sheader. I planted it in the Agave house, thinking that a plant from southern Argentina would be fairly drought tolerant. Later research has indicated that it probably prefers moister conditions. Too late for me to learn the lesson, unfortunately. It died about a year after I planted it, probably of drought but also after a very sharp winter.
In the year or so that it survived here I only took one photograph as far as I can tell, and it is out of focus. Sorry.
I am hoping that I will get another chance with it.