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Fagus longipetiolata

30th November 2017

A rare species in cultivation, smaller growing than the native Beech with longer, more attenuated leaves that turn a similar rich brown in autumn. Native to southern China and Vietnam it may not be as hardy as our native species.
I was given a young grafted plant and immediately grafted a couple more from the side twigs. Over the last year or two it has become obvious that the original plant was grafted by someone far more talented than me - mine have formed ugly, knobbly unions and although I hope they will become less obvious over time, experience suggests that the reverse may happen.
Not planted out yet because I have been acquiring a lot of Beech trees lately and I am short of places to put them. I always assume I can keep them in pots for a year or two and that by then a space will appear magically but it doesn't seem to happen.

9th June 2021

I was delighted to get it into the soil at the end of last year and moderate growth in the spring suggests that it has established.