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Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyk Gold'

22nd November 2014

A seedling with the same fastigiate habit as 'Dawyk' but with golden leaves, believed to be inherited from 'Zlatia'. Raised in 1969 at Trompenburg Arboretum from seed collected from 'Dawyk' and introduced toi the UK by Hilliers.
Mature plants seem to be duller than 'Zlatia' to me. In mid-summer it can look quite green, the yellowish tone needs a typical specimen nearby to emphasise the difference.
I have seen 'Dawyk Gold' and 'Dawyk Purple' planted together and it is a spectacular idea but the mature reality has been a bit dull.

13th April 2020

It finally made it into the ground last autumn so I'm waiting for the first signs of growth.