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Fallopia x bohemica 'Spectabilis'

21st April 2006

Oh, pesky weed, why do you tempt me so? The Japanese Knotgrass is a serious weed in the UK, and quite difficult to eradicate (although glyphosate will kill it in the end). Fortunately , it is sterile, so it has a reduced rate of spread. There are unfortunately some equally beautiful selections available in the USA that are fertile, and if they arrive in the UK (which they will) then we are in for trouble.
The gorgeous scarlet spring growth expands into pink and white splashed growth, decorated with green trimming. It is wonderful and unspeakable. I have planted it in the garden twice, and killed it with herbicide twice. Now it is confined to a blue glazed pot, where it is stunted but still magnificent. The pot is only ever stood on a concrete surface, and not allowed to root through into the ground (which it would love to do). Oh, and it is seriously unstable, producing green shoots at every chance it gets.

28th April 2006

4th April 2008

3rd April 2011

5th July 1987

Sorting through some old slides I found this picture of the plant growing in the garden in 1987. I was worried about growing it in the open garden so I used a herbicide on it (it took several applications).