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Fatsia japonica 'Annelise'

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10th August 2013

From time to time we all have a good laugh at those silly old Victorians who grew their Camellia in heated greenhouses because they didn't realise they were hardy. We have a good laugh and we move on to other things.

In my case I moved on to Fatsia when the variegated forms started to become available. The first time I met 'Annelise' I grew it as a houseplant because everybody agreed that the green form was only borderline hardy, and the variegated forms were doomed outside. Times change, we pretend to be strangers to silly little things like ignorance and delight in 'Annelise' grown as a garden plant.

It was planted under a large Acer as a young plant and it has doubled in size and become enthusiastic (as a young plant in a pot it was rather frail). The colours are a little too careful and stylish and the plant needs a bit of muscle to carry it off.

2nd December 2017

I have been surprised that this compact variegated form has made such an impressive garden plant. The impact is significantly increased when it comes into flower in late autumn. Chance when it came to planting has resulted in the low sun catching the flower spikes and the whole thing glows.

25th November 2020

I haven't been able to trace the origin of 'Annelise' but it is very similar to the Japanese cultivar 'Murakumo Nishiki'.