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Fatsia japonica 'Moseri'

31st August 2013

My baby was given to me in the spring, rescued from the point of death in a small pot. I repotted it and it has grown well through the summer in the Hedychium house. I am more optimistic about its future now.

As a mature plant it should have bold foliage with undulations along the 'fingers'. It's difficult to express exactly how it differs from the normal form, which is a lovely thing. It has the same loveliness but it has been slightly concentrated. It has the self-assurance of a young man wearing his best underpants, though no one will see them.

19th October 2017

I have just planted it outside because it really needs some space to prosper. I'm still not sure that it is distinct but I have given it space.

6th November 2019

This is the form that was the parent of the hybrid x Fatshedera lizei.


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