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Fatsia polycarpa

Archive entry 11.02.18

A wonderful evergreen shrub. This one was grown from seed introduced by Edward Needham, but it has also been introduced from Taiwan by Bleddyn and Sue Wynn-Jones.
Wonderful palmate leaves that remind me of Trevesia palmata (which I killed in 1983 and have never managed to replace). The mature leaves have been undamage by winter cold, but the young shoots are slightly vulnerable to cold winds.
Either it will grow into an attractively shaped shrub or a tall stringy stick with a tuft of leaves on the top!

2nd August 2007

27th November 2010

There must be a law of meterological inevitability that controls (or at least describes) events like this. It had been in the ground for a couple of months when the snow came and it remained frozen for weeks but it has survived and is slowly increasing in size.
(And I have been given a Trevesia as well which is growing in the conservatory and will probably never be exposed like this).

29th June 2013

2nd December 2017

22nd June 2021