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Furcraea selloa 'Marginata'

23rd June 2011

Slightly hardier than the variegated form of Furcreaea foetida, it is also easier to propagate because it will divide at the base so you don't have to wait for it to flower and produce bulbils. Not hardy enough to grow outside but it doesn't need a lot more than frost protection (let's hope those aren't famous last words).

10th August 2013

The time has come to try it in the Agave house. It will survive the winter and I will be delighted, or it will die and I will leave a few years before I convince myself it is worth trying again.

17th January 2014

I know that I am growing it right on the boundary of its tolerance, so I am not surprised when it looks like this through the winter. Not tough enough for the Agave house, it has survived with the Clivia where it has some overhead protection in the winter. It never looks very good in the shade, so I might move it to the cactus bench where the full sun will allow it to grow better in the summer - and it might drop dead in the winter but that is a chance I am prepared to take.