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Garrya flavescens

28th July 2019

Sleeping is a good thing, there is nothing to match it in terms of garden management. I awoke this morning with a powerful urge to plant out Garrya flavescens. I don't understand it, but then sometimes understanding gets in the way of action.
I bought it as a seedling several years ago and it has languished in a pot. Not only was it languishing but I was aware of the fact. So this morning I awoke, put on a dressing gown in the cause of modesty, and planted the Garrya. Although I have become fond of it through the years, there is a sense of completion about the affair. It may live or die, I have done the best I can for it and released it from its stagnant imprisonment.
The species comes from the north western Mexico and adjacent parts of the USA where it grows in dry woodland. In its natural habitat it probably consorts with many of the Agave that I grow, but it isn't going into the Agave House. There is too much up there already, indeed some of the Agave may well have to come down and be planted against the same wall as the Garrya to take their chances.