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Gasteria 'Frosty'

21st September 2017

Gasteria is one of those genera that attract the attention of specialists. Nutters. Specialists. I have a passing attraction. If I had a warmer greenhouse if could become the perplexing fascination of tiny pots and wrinkled elephantine skins, but I haven't. From time to time I have had entire collections destroyed by a hard winter. Sadly, I think it is a process that will continue.
So this is 'Frosty', a fun, milky leaved cultivar. Originally thought to be a form of G. obtusa but now thought to be a hybrid or possibly cultivar of G. brachyphylla. It was introduced about 50 years ago, details of its origin are now obscured.
I am growing all of my forms in pure gravel. This keeps them very dry in winter and ensures the summer growth is hard and compact. I also hope that the stone will act as a heat resevoir in winter and perhaps help to protect them from a light frost. Time will tell.