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Galanthus 'Mrs Backhouse No 12'

15th February 2009

An old and vigorous hybrid probably originating with Mr and Mrs R.O.Backhouse but distributed and popularised by E.A.Bowles. Possibly slightly ordinary compared with many of the modern cultivars but still an attractive plant. I had owned it for a matter of hours when I took this picture!

14th February 2010

A year later it has settled down a bit. It is probably a hybrid between G.nivalis and G.plicatus. There was once (and may still be) a magnificent clump of the hybrid in the rock garden at Kew, and I have long wanted a similar ciltivar to try in the garden. Hopefully this will produce a mass of scented white flowers in the middle of the snowdrop season.

3rd March 2012

4th February 2017

3rd February 2021