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Geranium koraiense

6th August 2015

A pretty pink flowered running species, it has the look of the wild about it and I have planted pieces out in the garden, where they become the preferred food of every rabbit with a gourmet's passion in the area.
In a pot under cover it grew well, but one year left it undisturbed for too long, it exhaused the compost and died in the winter. It was a pity, but I had lost sight of a future for it in the open ground. Now I would plant it in a tall tub and at least the little buggers would have to jump for their supper.
Introduced from South Korea by Crug Farm Plants under the number BSWJ.797 gathered in the mountain forests of Taebaeksan National Park growing in a boulder strewn track/riverbed.
Delicious. Evidently.

28th July 2016