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Geranium phaeum 'Calligrapher'

20th May 2012

During the 1980's when I should have been drinking and dancing in disreputable nightclubs I was actually raising Geranium phaeum seedlings (the truth is, I was doing both). Towards the end of the decade I had four that I was quite pleased with and released them to the trade. 'Heather' disappeared without trace. 'Dreamer' and 'Rose Air' are still occasionally seen, but it was 'Calligrapher' that took off.

Over the years I have moved pieces around the garden and selected other seedlings and I arrived at a point where I couldn't say for certain which were original and which were later selections.

I was filled with paternal pride when I spotted one at a plant sale at Hyde Hall. I snapped it up with enthusiasm, and the vendor started to tell me what a good plant it was and how I should plant it. I was probably a little glazed and unresponsive but what can you say? I smiled, which may have helped, and handed over the money which certainly did.

So this is the real thing, and I am certain of that because it isn't from my garden!

30th May 2013

7th April 2017