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Geranium procurrens

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7th August 2009

A very pretty species, but it is wildly invasive. I abandoned one in the front garden for a few years and it rapidly covered 100sqare meters. I have dug it out, sprayed it repeatedly with herbicide, and most recently lowered the soil level by 30cm and covered it with a gravel surface for parking - and I still have enough appearing to take this picture!
Love it, but be warned!

28th August 2011

15th August 2013

It has been a couple of years since I killed it all with herbicide, so it is back to covering a couple a square yards. Probably time to discourage it again.

13th September 2015

Introduced in the 1840's from Nepal or Sikkim but seems to have died out in cultivation (though I'm not sure how that was achieved). Introduced again by Dr. G. A. C. Herkelots in 1967 and now widely unexterminated.

23rd September 2020