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Geranium 'Salome'

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4th July 2010

A hybrid that is very similar in flower to the unspeakable Geranium procurrens but without the offensive tendancy to invade. It grows with a gentle sprawl, showing a reticence that it inherits from G.lambertii which can be reticent to the point of extinction. It has the perfect habit for a hardy geranium, always leaving me wanting more.
While it is small I have to grow it inside a protective barricade to keep the rabbits off, but hopefully there will eventually be enough to forgive the occasional missing mouthful.

27th September 2013

After a long wait it has finally taken off. For years it was shaded by a large Leyland cypress which fell over in the winter gales and the extra light (and water) has helped.

7th October 2015

13th July 2017

25th September 2021