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Glaucidium palmatum 'Album'

1st May 2016

Glaucidium palmatum is a very select Japanese perennial woodland poppy. I have grown it badly once before, but I only know one garden where it seems to be prospering. As far as I can tell it requires light shade and warm summer temperatures to grow.
I was given a piece of rhizome of the white flowered form imported from Japan. I'm not entirely sure what conditions Glaucidium requires when dormant but I have a strong suspicion that it doesn't want to have its roots removed, its rhizome dried, chopped to pieces and then posted half way around the world. I wasn't very hopeful but it produced a decent leaf and didn't flower, which was a good sign. I thought that perhaps it would make some new roots and that possibly in a pot in the Alpine House it would establish well enough to force me to consider a longer term option.
Not so, it died without producing any new roots.
Traditionally in Japan the dried roots are sold to foreigners to demonstrate how stupid they are.

5th April 2018

I couldn't resist another try but although I got flower this time I wasn't able to get any root growth and it didn't appear again in spring.