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Globba saltatoria

Archive entry 03.10.21
Archive entry 02.10.22

18th October 2012

A large growing species collected by Paul Barney (Edulis Nursery) at 1400m in Reiek, Aizawl, Mizoram, India. Collection nbumber PAB 4208.
He gave me a piece a couple of years ago and told me that it had been hardy with him. I have had plenty of unfortunate experiences with Globba which are not generally at all cold tolerant so I was a little cautious but I was wrong and it has survived. I haven't managed to flower it yet, but there is always next year.
Also known as Mantissa saltatoria which may turn out to be the more correct name.

2nd September 2017

The name remains a matter of debate, it is now thought that it might be Globba radicalis. Interesting buff flowers in late summer.

1st October 2021