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Graptopetalum paraguayense

10th June 2006

Supposed to be the hardiest of the species, and it will get tried outdoors, but for the moment it is forming a rather ugly straggling mound under glass.

6th May 2007

Some decades after I first grew it, I discovered that the odd little succulent I had grown in the side of a succulent garden as a child was actually a Graptopetalum. I got a leaf from a plant my sister was growing. It grew!
Here it is again, and I am so used to it I have never remembered to take photos of the leaves! Odd metallic grey flowers. This is supposed to be the hardiest species.
It might be my imagination, but there would seem to be quite a lot of different plants doing the rounds under this name!

15th May 2011

I'm not entirely sure why I am still growing this. It has proved itself hardy, but it straggles about and is only really attractive when recently propagated. Vine weevil love it, and I thought it would have been eaten away years ago, but it is hanging on grimly. If it can hang on for a few years more, I may well become interested again, who can tell.

14th September 2013

After a couple of years wriggling around the place I have planted it out with the Agave and it seems to be growing vigorously again.