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Gymnocalycium RS2

8th July 2017

Cactus growers are secretive people. It isn't an antisocial thing, but if you start to talk about cacti in a public place you will find yourself surrounded by empty space. I can cope with that, but there is another more pernicious problem. Cactus growers keep very quiet about what they are doing because we all have too many plants and we are all keen to take any opportunity to give some away.
So I accidentally let slip that I was growing a number of Gymnocalycium to a friend and before I could say "but I'm not very interested, please don't give me any" this had arrived. It's lovely, it's pink, it's nameless and it is way beyond my interest or ability to identify. Answers on a postcard please (BUT NO PLANTS).
It gets a code number because I like to be able to distinguish between the things I don't know anything about. A sort of firm catalogue to my ignorance.
Yes, there is an RS1 as well.
(And if I sound ungrateful, I am not. Thank you RS, I'm just temporarily overdosed beyond my capacity).